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Request for organic ‘selfies’- Green Action Week

PELUM Kenya is currently implementing the Green Action Week initiative.
Green Action Week (GAW) is an annual civil society initiative to promote sustainable consumption. The theme for the 2015 GAW is organic food and farming for all.
PELUM Kenya requests the general public to share with us a comment on organic foods and farming together with a creative ‘organic selfie’ photo depicting organic food and faming through our social sites (Facebook page- PELUM-Kenya Association and twitter handle @PelumKenya)
Winners will be announced on 14th October 2015 and they will be awarded during the World Food Day celebrations which will be held in Mwala market-Machakos County on 16th October 2015.


PELUM Kenya in partnership with its member organization Inades Formation Kenya will hold the 2015 World Food Day (WFD) celebrations at Mwala market-Machakos County on 16th October 2015. The theme for the 2015 WFD celebrations will be Social Protection and Agriculture. This theme has been chosen to highlight its importance in reducing rural poverty and granting access to food or means to buy food.

PELUM Kenya will also use this opportunity to raise consumer awareness on the importance of sustainable consumption patterns through its Green Action Week (GAW) initiative. Alongside the WFD theme, PELUM Kenya will promote the 2015 GAW theme of organic Food and Farming for all.


The Green Action Week (GAW) is an annual civil society campaign to raise consumer awareness on sustainable consumption patterns. The campaign is an initiative by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and is coordinated jointly with Consumer International (CI).

This year, GAW is focusing on organic food and farming for all. This theme is a call to farmers, consumers and all relevant stakeholders to play their roles in promoting the production and consumption of organic foods.

In Kenya, the GAW activities are being implemented by Consumer International Network (CIN), PELUM-Kenya Youth Education Network (YEN), Kenya Consumer Organisation (KCO) and Active Generation Organisation (AGO).

In GAW 2015, PELUM Kenya will hold an organic food fair (on the World Food Day) preceded by a procession advocating organic farming and food for all. A field visit to an organic farm for secondary school students, school cooks and teachers will be arranged (three schools) resulting in a debate on organics vs conventional foods and a cooking competition for a tertiary institution. In social media, a competition will be announced calling for the best selfie showing organic food.

PELUM Kenya to spearhead implementation of the African initiative on Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA)

The Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) is an African Initiative that was borne out of a meeting hosted by PELUM Kenya in may 2011, for key stakeholders.  This was an inception workshop for working out the roadmap for developing an initiative by the development partners to apply ecological concepts and  principles to promote sustainable agro-ecosystems.

This resulted in a five-year programme whose Vision is to mainstream into National Agricultural Systems by the year 2020.  from October 2011 to December 2012, this programme will kick off on a pilot basis, with PELUM Kenya as the interim coordinating body.  There is need to raise funds for the support of this initiative and for more details, please see a presentation in summary as presented in a recent meeting in Brussels, Belgium

The Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) Programme .pdf

PELUM Kenya hosts meeting for OXFAM Novib and HIVOS on agricultural biodiversity, small scale farmers and resilience

Agricultural biodiversity, smallholder farmers, and adaptive capacity status of knowledge in the context of resilience and transformations

From the 10th – 12th October 2011, OXFAM Novib and HIVOS (Netherlands) will hold a meeting for practictioners in agriculture and rural development in ACP Countries.  The meeting will bring together partner organizations that have previously participated in responses on mapping knowledge on sustainable agriculture, biodiversity management, climate change adaptation and mitigation.  The main purpose of this meeting is to share findings from this survey, and map intervention strategies as a way forward.

The participants will also get the opportunity to interact with local community members hosted by the Institute of Culture and Ecology (ICE), a member of the Africa Biodiversity Network (ABN); and INADES Formation a PELUM Kenya Member Organization.  The meeting is expected to bring together a total of 25 development practitioners from Africa, Asia and Europe. The meeting will be hosted by PELUM-Kenya in at the Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme (SACDEP) Training and Conference Centre in Thika.

OXFAM Novib envisions a world in which everybody can build an independent livelihood, thus supporting people in developing countries working on their own future as a matter of justice.  In the same breadth, HIVOS mission is to contribute to a world with equal opportunities for people to develop their talents by offering financial support as well as advising, networking, advocacy, providing education and exchanging knowledge.

PELUM Kenya Country Working Group in Kajiado County

PELUM Kenya will hold the Country Working Group (CWG) meeting on the 22nd and 23rd September 2011.  The CWG meeting will be hosted by the Neighbours Initiatives Alliance (NIA), a Member Organization of PELUM Kenya, working in Kajiado County of Kajiado District.

Through NIA’s Motto of Promoting Dependable Neighbourliness, the service delivery NGO works addresses the needs of the poor and vulnerable groups among the Maasai people living in various neighbourhoods (former group ranches) in Kajiado district of Kenya.  NIA has a well-defined and functional structure, which empowers the neighbourhoods to participate in decision making and running of the organization such that at the neighbourhood level, are neighbourhood committees that address various developmental issues in the community. Under these committees are working groups which address natural resource management, social justice, leadership and governance, livestock development and development education (gender, HIV/AIDS, children rights). Programme design and coordination is facilitated by the Secretariat and Board of Advisory Management (BOAM), the latter’s role being mainly advisory.

PELUM Kenya’s focus for the CWG will be mainly Strengthening Partnerships and Institutional Development for improved service delivery.  The CWG targets CEOs and senior Programme managers of Member Organizations with guest speakers as thematic session facilitators. Invited Resource Persons will facilitate topics in Government Civil Societies Organizations collaboration (CSO), Fundraising, Organization Development and Sustainability, Sericulture, Local and International market Opportunities, herbal medicinal plants, networking and knowledge sharing

The members will visit NIA Communities to learn and exchange Ideas and this will be an opportunity to interact with the Maasai Community, and acquire knowledge from the projects they are implementing

PELUM Kenya Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2011

PELUM Kenya will hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2011 on May 26-27, in Nakuru .  On 27th May, the network members will engage in planting 2,500 trees in Molo and Elburgon in the Rift Valley Province, an event hosted by Baraka Agricultural College, SARI and NECOFA.  The theme of the AGM will be built around the World environment Day which is celebrated on 5th June.

The AGM tree planting exercise is the climax of the environmental conservation efforts in tree planting by PELUM Kenya in May 2011.  The AGM event will be preceded by tree planting exercises on 25thMay 2011in Londiani forest where it is expected that 1,500 trees will be planted; 17th May 2011 in Kakamega forest in collaboration with WRCCS where 2,000 seedlings will be planted; and on 9th May 2011 in at Kibaoni Secondary School, Machakos  in collaboration with UCCS where 2,000 seedlings  will be planted.

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